Studio 9ine 2wenty One (921) is a full-service audio studio. The facility is designed for anyone from the most seasoned artist to the aspiring singer/rapper/songwriter. They have the raw talent and ability but is looking for the right vehicle to take them to that next step. We recognize and cater to the fact that not every artist comes in on equal ground. The more seasoned clients may have carefully worked out songs complete with lyrics and arrangements fully prepared to go right to the recording stage. On the other end a budding artist, may come in with nothing but inspiration, a good singing voice. In that case our team are experts in music production can help you develop musical ideas.

Studio 9ine 2wenty One (921) is a private engineering and production studio, in the heart of Las Vegas. Our studio is designed to achieve the most precise possible acoustic properties and sound. The studio features state of the art sound systems. Like Avid Pro Tools, and a considerable collection of cutting-edge mics, preamps, and audio plugins.

Studio 9ine 2wenty One (921) is primary pre/post-production, film editing, scoring, and vocal recording studio. Features of Studio 9ine 2wenty One include: Pro Tools Ultimate (formerly Pro Tools | HD).  Total Automation & Total Recall. Avantone CV12. Slate VMS ML-1 vintage mic simulators. Shure SM7b, Sony C800 (Mod), SSL preamps and compressors, Neve pre amps, Focusrite pre amps and compressors, Waves plugins, Aviom system, and so much more…

At Studio 9ine 2wenty One (921) we like to say that if you’re going to release an album or product, make sure you do it right. “GIVE YOUR SOUND THE TREATMENT IT DESERVES”. It’s worth the investment and pays off in the long run.