• $50 per hour minimum 2 hours (includes Engineer)
• We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make great sounding recordings. The needs of our customers vary click here to see our package deals.



• Every paid recording session includes a mix on the fly. The time to make suggestions or changes to the mix is during the listen back and or bounce of your recorded session. Lets face it only you know how your song should sound, "not the engineer". Later if you determine you will need an extensive mix or changes to the mix, this will require a scheduled mixing session. $45 per song (Attended/ no revision).


• Let's get this right out in the open. We aren't mastering experts. Mastering is an art and craft in itself, and with that out of the way, we don't do a bad job! We can get your mixes radio and internet ready. Mastering works two ways, we can either do it on OUR time (Unattended/1 revision) for a flat rate $30 per song w/1 revision, or we can do it with you here for $35 per song (Attended/ no revision). Both have advantages and disadvantages, but both will result in a master that you will love and want to share with the world. We will be happy to discuss this with you at length during your session.


• Mixing & Mastering is only done as an "ATTENDED" option. "You would have to be present" as you work with our engineer to get the best Mix & Master of your song. $75 per song (Attended/ no revision).


• Sometimes you just need to be in an environment that will help get your creativity flowing. We also provide studio rental for producers. Our collection of musical instruments are available for use in-studio at $50 per hour minimum 2 hours. If you need to block out time give us a call.


• We work with voiceover artists, as well as video, radio, theater, film, and television productions to professionally record and produce dialogue for radio and television spots, and soundtracks. $50 per hour minimum 2 hours. If you need to block out time give us a call.